Yuri’s most obvious influences are moody platform games like Badland and Limbo. But look beyond the world of videogames and you’ll also detect traces of Tintin and iconic children’s bedtime story Where the Wild Things Are.

The brainchild of multimedia artists the Potier brothers, Yuri is named – and modelled – after Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Except this Yuri isn’t exploring space. He’s exploring what we strongly suspect is one of his own dreams.

Playing as Yuri, you have to traverse this beautiful, eery dream world of caves, jungles, and underground lakes. You’ll encounter prehistoric fish, giant creepy crawlies, and a (mercifully friendly) cat the size of a school bus, among other fantastical creatures.

Yuri is a classic platformer, which means you’ll spend your time jumping, dodging, swinging, and generally avoiding numerous hazards and obstacles across ten massive levels, a quick eye and a fast hand your only weapons.

It’s a classic platformer setup, but the thing that makes this game stand out is definitely its art style. Yuri has been in existence since 2005, first appearing in comics and animations before taking shape as the star of a videogame.

The vintage shows. Yuri is a labor of love for Ange and Aurélien Potier, two brothers who have turned their shared vision into an interactive universe that’s open to all visitors.

Well, all visitors rocking an iOS device, a Mac, or Apple TV.

Yuri is available on the App Store now for $2.99, with no in-app purchases.

Download your copy of Yuri below:

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