ReginaldEarlier this month Noodlecake announced that a third round of their fantastic Super Stickman Golf series would be launching in July. Now we have a specific release date, and the wait is almost over, as the game will launch next Thursday, July 7th!

The game will be FREE on iOS as well as the Mac App Store and Google Play with a limited number of holes/courses and ads. For those who want the entire experience as well as NO ads, there will be an optional premium unlock IAP which opens up the entire game and removes any ad placements.

While they haven’t quite revealed all of the details to the public just yet, I’ve been seriously addicted to the beta copy I’ve been playing for the past couple of weeks and I can say that without a doubt this is THE BEST Super Stickman Golf experience yet. It takes everything you loved about the original two and expands it with a few new fun gameplay tweaks which also add a new splash of strategy and finesse.

If you visit the game’s official landing page, you’ll discover that some of these new bits include:

  • SPIN IT TO WIN IT – Apply spin to the ball mid-flight for unprecedented control.
  • CARDS! – These replace the prize machine and now instead, you collect cards to unlock Golfers, Hat, Trails, Game Modes and upgradeable powerups.
  • DAILY RACES – Compete against other golfers in a Daily Race for a Daily Reward including golf bux, card packs and more.
  • NEW GOLFERS, HATS, POWERUPS & MORE – Customize and Dominate!

Unfortunately the level editor that was previously planned won’t be available at launch, but will still be coming soon, Noodlecake just didn’t want to delay the release for it.

Enjoy the latest trailer below: