dcr-alice_update-43If, like me, you already unlocked all 150 characters in Disney Crossy Road, get ready to do some more road crossing, because Hipster Whale has just released a big new content update adding a brand new world set in the universe of Disney’s brand new live-action film based on Alice Through the Looking Glass.

The update says there are 25 new characters, but it appears there are actually 35 new characters for a total of 185!

dcr-alice_update-10The new Alice world contains 18 new characters like Alice, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, White Rabbit, Red Queen and more. Five of these characters are mystery characters. Also added are 5 new mystery characters in Zootopia, one of whom is obviously Yax (and maybe Koslov), 1 mystery character in Haunted Mansion, 2 mystery characters in Lion King, 2 mystery characters in Inside Out, 3 mystery characters in Wreck It Ralph and 4 mystery characters in Big Hero 6.

The Alice Through the Looking Glass world is a sort of dark Victorian setting, somewhat reminiscent of the Haunted Mansion setting, with a jaunty soundtrack with clockwork sounds and gears rolling down the streets. I haven’t seen the film, so not sure how this goes with the theme other than my knowledge of the White Rabbit, who is always late.

dcr-daily_missions_02And giving you even more reason to play every day…the update also adds DAILY MISSIONS, which explains the new little pop up I saw while playing which said something like ‘Jumped on 2/6 lilypads’. By completing these daily missions, you earn stamps and once you get a card with 6 stamps, it can used to unlock exclusive characters (or as they call them…figurines)! Aside from the obvious bonuses that they can provide, these missions are also nice addition in that they can really change up your strategy and give you something to shoot for other than just constantly trying to earn the highest score.

Time to start sleuthing for all of those new secret unlocks…

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