c36bc591036f3d7904357990cbf89ccc._QL95_TTD_Good news digital comic fans! ComiXology, a subsidiary of Amazon which sells digital comics, graphic novels and manga, has just expanded their business to include a new ‘Unlimited’ option that allows customers to binge all they’d like from ComiXology’s vast catalog of titles for the low price of just $5.99 a month.

I’ve purchased a number of digital comics from ComiXology in the past and they have a nice reader app and selection of offerings which can be viewed across multiple platforms. Depending on what you like to read, this could potentially save you a good deal of money.

We’re in a new golden age of storytelling with more incredible comics, graphic novels and manga than ever before,” said comiXology’s CEO and Co-Founder David Steinberger. “ComiXology Unlimited is fantastic portal to tons of great comics at a ridiculously great price. Get in there and start exploring.

This new Unlimited plan appears to offer thousands of titles including The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Hellboy, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Peanuts, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lumberjanes, Saga, The Umbrella Academy, Outcast, Transformers and more, with the promise of even more on the way. ComiXology has a complete list of highlighted series in their official press release.

FEB041347._SX360_PJcmx-cu-qa-sticker-lg,BottomRight,1,1_QL80_TTD_However, as expected, Comixology’s entire catalog of titles is NOT available for viewing under the Unlimited plan and you cannot expect to see all of the latest issues of series be made available right away. In fact in many of the aforementioned series, you’ll only have access to a limited selection of issues like the first twelve of The Walking Dead. Thought this would still be a great way to test the waters with a series to see if you want to invest the time (and money) in more issues.

There are also other notable exclusions like anything MARVEL, as they have their own competing $9.99 per month Unlimited subscription service .

If this sounds like something that might interest you, ComiXology does offer a free 30-day trial at comixology.com/unlimited, so definitely check it out, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Download the free ComiXology app: