card thief logoTinytouchtales, the publisher from my favorite game of last year, Card Crawl, has just released a teaser trailer for their next game, Card Thief.

Card Thief is a solitaire-style stealth game that is played with a special deck of cards on a 3×3 grid and features that same beautiful style of artwork used in Card Crawl. As the game’s creator, Arnold Rauers explains in the video below, the game is an homage to Looking Glass Studios’ Thief video game series of the 1990s. As with the game which inspired it, in Card Thief elements of light and shadow are featured strongly and guide card selection and strategy. Cards can be either “light” or “dark” and will have differing values based on their light or dark state.

You draw paths between adjacent cards and then your thief card uses stealth points to moves through the cards in your selected path, collecting gold and hopefully sneaking past any guards and avoiding alerting them to his thievery. The ultimate goal is to steal the castle’s chest card and collect or pickpocket treasures along the way. There are other types of special cards which will aid you in your heist including three user-selected equipment cards which buff your stats or offer special skills.


Once you’ve played all of your cards, the exit card will spawn and then there is a neat risk/reward element to the game where you have to decide if you want to make it away safely straight away, or try to pilfer some more treasure on your way out.

The unique combination of stealth game and solitaire sounds very appealing. Gameplay depth will differ by equipment card selection accommodating all levels of gamers. Initially there will be four different heists, each with their own enemy and obstacle cards.

The game looks like another winner for Tinytouchtales’s and it’s coming along very nicely and I for one, cannot wait to get my hands on Card Thief.

You can check out the short 3 minute playthrough video below:

Download Tinytouchtales’s first game, Card Crawl