dragon_land-iconDragon Land is a fun new 3D platformer that recently launched on iOS and Android and was developed by Social Point, the studio responsible for hits like World Chef and Monster Legends.

In Dragon Land, you play as a dragon on an adventure to rescue his scaly friends from the evil Borg who’s captured them. So you’ll run, jump, and beat up enemies on your way through over 100 beautiful 3D levels, collecting items like coins, crystals, and secret keys on the way.

Complete an episode and you’ll rescue one of your friends who will be unlocked for your use as a playable character. This is handy because they have their own unique abilities like climbing walls or gliding and they’re incredibly useful during the toughest levels.


It’s not all rescuing dragon friends though. There’s a quick play mode which provides burst-fire adventures that challenge you to collect as many coins as possible while being chased by a ghost, and you’re rewarded based on how many you manage to collect.

There’s also a multiplayer tournament in which you race against three other dragons through a level, thwarting their efforts with your dragon’s abilities. This is a ranked mode so you’ll earn rewards based on your place in the tournament rankings.

If that all sounds tempting, you can get Dragon Land right now for free [download].

Download your copy of Dragon Land below:

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