sale2Earlier this morning we saw a number of great iOS games go on sale, including the fantastic The Room Three for the first time since its release last November.

Now we know the reason…
it seems that Apple is launching an “Indie Game Sale” this week on 8 great iOS games.

A couple of the titles in the list have (found via this link) do not appear to have dropped in price just yet, so perhaps this sale isn’t scheduled to officially begin until either Wednesday or Thursday. ALL EIGHT APPS ARE NOW ON SALE.

I’d expect to see both BANDLAND 2, which just added some exciting new free content including “a new, futuristic world that includes 10 formidable, machine-infested levels, a new rolling character, and a reactive creature” and Shadowmatic to get price drops soon.

There are all great games and several of them I’d classify as MUST HAVES including The Room Three, Lumino City and BADLAND 2.

I have no idea how long these sale prices will last and I’ll be sure to update the post when the final two apps drop in price as well.



Note that App Store prices fluctuate frequently and there can be some propagation delay, so the prices above may not be correct. Always make sure that the price is correct before clicking 'BUY'.