UnisonLeagueLogoIf you haven’t checked it out yet, Unison League is an innovative multiplayer JRPG out right now on iOS and Android in which you fight alongside up to four friends in real-time battles.

You’ll have to be strategic in your approach if you plan on unleashing a Unison Attack, an incredibly powerful ability which summons a mighty creature to attack in your place. As you can imagine, this move churns out some serious damage.

You’ll take on the AI in PvE battles but if PvP is more your thing you should check out the guild battles. These are far more intense, and pit two teams of 10 players against each other, as they each attempt to destroy the other’s crystal.

unison-league-4If you don’t currently have any friends playing Unison League, you can make new ones in the player lobby. Here you can chat, perform a number of emotes, and send friend requests.

When you make a new friend or two, you can set off to tackle a few quests right away.

There’s a real focus on being social in Unison League, so you’ll likely want to create a character that represents your personality. Well, you can thanks to the number of different customization options. You can alter every aspect of your character like its hair, face, and gear – there are over four billion unique combinations available.

You can also customize your playing experience by changing your character’s class at any point, opening up new opportunities for skills and abilities. There are five base classes to choose from at the beginning but more advanced versions will become available as you start to level up.

Unison League has been a terrific success over in Japan, where it regularly places in the top 15 grossing games chart in the App Store. It’s also had a few successful collaborations with big IPs like Attack on Titan and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

unison-league-3Ateam, the developer behind Unison League, has serious pedigree when it comes to mobile games. It developed Dark Summoner – which has placed in the top spots in both the top grossing chart on US Google Play and the downloads chart in the US App Store – as well as Three Kingdoms Smash, Derby Impact, and War of Legions.

You can check out Unison League right now by heading on over to the App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon Appstore.

German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese speakers should be patient a tad longer though, as its soon to be localized in those areas.

Download your copy of Unison League below:

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