game_of_dice_Pirate_UpdateAre you a fan of both pirates and board games? Well, have we got news for you!
Game of Dice has just been updated with the Pirate Attack update with includes a ton of new content based on the scurvy dogs.

There’s an all new pirate ship-themed event map on which the toll system has been rejigged to better fit the roguish setting, and you’ll also find a new feature called island spots which trigger special skills when you land on them.

As you can expect of a Game of Dice update, there’s also a new character – a female pirate who specializes in Spot Tolls.

Rounding up the new content is a bunch of themed skill cards and the Monkey Dice, which specializes in Vacation Spots and Toll Increases.


In terms of features, there’s a new chat function which lets you discuss tactics with friends and guild members during a match, the level cap has been increased to 35, and there are a selection of new events themed on Valentine’s day, the Pirate Attack update, and Chinese New Year – all of which reward you with gold, gems, and holograms.

If you haven’t played Game of Dice yet, it’s a mobile board game in which you chuck a dice to work your way around a multi-tiled board, taking all properties you land on.

Then, each time you lap the board, the value of your properties increases, which helps you bankrupt opposing players.

It sounds a lot like Monopoly, and it is, really. It sets itself apart by including a bunch of skill cards which can help give you the upper hand, as well as various different characters and dice have unique abilities.

Game of Dice is out right now in the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].

Download your copy of Game of Dice below:

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