epiphany-ios-screen4Wadjet Eye Games has just announced that they will be releasing an iOS version of the fifth (and final) game in their Blackwell adventure game series on February 18th.

The series follows a spirit medium named Rosa Blackwell and her 1930s-era wisecracking, spectral sidekick Joey Mallone. This unlikely duo (forced together by a family curse) must find a way to work together to help confused spirits make peace with their situation so they can pass on to the afterlife.

Blackwell Epiphany was well reviewed when it launched on the PC in April of last year, so it is exciting to see that iOS gamers will finally be getting their port as well.

The Blackwell series features an interesting set of characters, with compelling storylines throughout and really nails that classic PC-style point and click adventure experience.

Check out this teaser trailer…

While Gemini Rue is still probably my favorite of Wadjet Eye’s iOS adventure ports, the Blackwell Saga is a strong collection of games.

If you grew up on Sierra Online titles like I did, then I think you are really going to enjoy this series.

To celebrate the upcoming launch and to give players a chance to catch up on the series before the big finale, Wadjet Eye is running a HUGE sales promotion.

Right now you can grab the first four adventure games in the Blackwell Series for an absolute steal of just 99¢ each (that’s practically 1930s pricing…well…if they had apps back then).

There really is no excuse not to pick these up and to take advantage of this spookctacular deal to grab the first four titles in the series for the price of one.

Blackwell Series Trailer