glitch_games_logo_iconGlitch Games, the creators of the fantastic Forever Lost adventure game trilogy have just announce that they will be releasing an all new adventure game called A Short Tale next Thursday February 11th.

A Short Tale is a first-person point’n’click adventure game “set in a massively tiny world”.

There’s not much information available about the games’ actual storyline, but it appears that the adventure takes place inside of a home and you are very small in stature…perhaps an alien (see the app icon below)?

You can watch a trailer below if you’d like a sneak peek, but I’ve often found that a Glitch adventure game is best experienced cold with no knowledge going in and letting the often brilliant, mysterious and sometime humorous story unfold and envelop you as you go.


A Short Tale utilizes Glitch’s stellar game engine, complete with an in-game camera which allows you to save clues and view them from anywhere within the game so you don’t have to constantly keep backtracking to locations.

Again, A Short Tale will be available starting February 11th with a regular price of $3.99.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Glitch’s adventure game titles, so of course I am rather excited to check this one out as well. Look for my thoughts on the game shortly after its release.