tiltagon_tv-02Kiemura, the Finnish husband-wife game company who developed last year’s awesome tilt-based survival game Tiltagon, is bringing their smash hit to the Apple TV this Thursday, January 28th.

In case you were not one of the game’s 1.3 million downloads, in Tiltagon, the player tries to steer a small ball across a series of hex-shaped tiles without falling off the edge. The iPhone/iPad release which was published by Noodlecake last April, featured some spot on tilt controls and an excellent one-more-go addictive quality.

The Apple TV version, appropriately called Tiltagon TV, will let you experience this instant arcade classic on your TV’s big screen. Instead of your iOS device you simply tilt/touch Siri remote to guide the ball through 10 challenging levels as quickly as possible. Players can pick whichever control scheme they prefer, selecting from either tilt or touch controls. In addition, there is also an endless mode with 2 difficulties and 36 unlockable ball shapes allowing for a good deal of replayability.

Tiltagon TV will be a completely new app self-published by Kiemura and will cost $1.99. There will be no ads and additional custom balls will be unlockable either by playing or via in app purchases.

You can check out a teaser trailer below and/or download the FREE iPhone/iPad release if you want to get a feel for the gameplay and a taste of the infectious Finnish EDM soundtrack.