Rayman_Adventures_Logo_HDRayman Adventuresis an essential download for your new mobile device this Christmas time. It carries on the entertaining platforming trend set by Jungle Run and Fiesta Run but adds a few innovations of its own.

For starters, you can now swipe to change direction, which opens up the levels for greater exploration than ever before.

Then there’s the new Incrediballs – weird but useful new allies for Rayman which provide you with incredibly useful power-ups to help you get the highest score in every level.

It’s not a walkover though. There’s a hefty challenge in Rayman Adventures, but don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips to help you get the highest score in each level.

Don’t ignore your Incrediballs

Incrediballs have never before been seen in a Rayman game – or anywhere really. Don’t ignore them though, because they’re incredibly useful.

For a start they offer handy power-ups which can be the difference between getting a low score and the highest score in each level. Simply by bringing one, you’ll get a score boost.

Incrediballs come in three different varieties. Seekers search high and low for Teensies, Protectors will make sure you don’t get hurt, and Inhalers will suck in all nearby Lums.

Up to three Incrediballs can join you in a level, and their powers grow if you bring three of the same variety. This is essential in certain level types.

Always be thinking about which Incrediball to bring with you. Seekers are essential in Teensie finding levels, Protectors will keep you safe in combat levels, and Inhalers will make Lum-gathering levels a breeze.

It’s not just as simple as bringing three of the same type of Incrediball in their strongest level type though. Sometimes it’s best to mix them up. Teensie rescue and time trial also benefit from bringing protectors, for example, as there are a number of dangers to avoid.


Realise Rayman’s true potential

Rayman also has a number of special abilities which are incredibly useful in certain situations.

It’s obvious when it’s time to punch, leap, wall jump, hover, ground pound, and grab ledges, but a number of these abilities also have handy secondary uses that you’ll only discover by experimenting.

For example, during time trial levels (in which most of these tips will come in the most handy) you can punch to run just a little bit faster. If you do that just before a jump you’ll fly forward much faster.

Your ground pound also has an extra use, aside from just smashing things on the ground. You can use it to stop yourself immediately in the air – both to avoid dangers, or to hit springy objects and bounce your way to the end of the level.

Not played Rayman Adventures yet? Well, you can correct that by going to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download].

Download your copy of Rayman Adventures below:

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