Balloony Land ss5Looking for a new match three puzzler to tide you over?

Look no further than Balloony Land, which offers a satisfying fresh twist on the hugely popular genre.

Developed by Palringo, Balloony Land offers 96 levels of balloon-popping fun set across five different worlds. Oh, and remember that twist we mentioned earlier? Well, balloons float up to fill the empty spaces instead of dropping down.

If you were looking for a challenge, try collecting the Diamond Star in each level. This can only be achieved by earning an incredibly high score in every level.

To help you get there, you can use special balloons which you get from creating super combos, or the situation might call for using one of your precious supply of boosters which include the Swapper, Balloon Dart, and Shuffle.

A variety of blockers will try to maintain the challenge no matter how well you play; they’ll try to halt your progress by shrinking how much time you’ve got, or by freezing the balloons on the screen.

If you’re really struggling you can connect to Palringo and get tips from fellow players in the chat rooms or join up and play group challenges together. You’ll earn free in-game currency just for doing so.

Pop on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] right now to get started in Balloony Land.

Download your copy of Balloony Land below:

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