toca-boca-logoGRATTIS TOCA BOCA!

Since their launch of Helicopter Taxi and Toca Tea Party in early 2011 (the former of which has subsequently been removed from sale), Swedish app developer Toca Boca has continued to dominate and redefine the kids app market with fun, quirky and imaginative titles that have brought smiles to kids and parents alike. The studio currently boasts a diverse catalog of 28 gender-neutral titles, all of which encourage imaginative, open-ended play and are devoid of any in-app purchases or ads to keep them kid-safe and parent-friendly.

Yesterday Toca Boca celebrates a big milestone, their 100 millionth download, which is quite a feat in just four and a half short years.

“Toca Boca designs all of its apps from the kids’ perspective — more than 1,500 kids have participated in play testing of Toca Boca apps to ensure kids enjoy playing with them before they go to market.”

If there is one studio which has consistently put out super high-quality apps (for any audience, kids of adults) release after release, Toca Boca would have to be it.

As soon as you load up one of their apps and see that goofy grinning smiling logo start to transform, you know that you are in for an entertaining experience and can’t help but start to grin from ear to ear yourself.

“We are proud of this milestone and are excited to continue making digital toys that are fun and inspiring for kids,” said Björn Jeffery, CEO at Toca Boca. “Reaching 100 million downloads in just four years speaks to the hard work of our team and the fact that both kids and parents recognize the quality of our products. This is an exciting moment and we are looking forward to what is next — we plan to remain a beacon for good quality kids content regardless of channel.”

emily-tocabocaFor years my daughters (now aged ~6 and 8.5) have absolutely adored the Toca Boca apps and I hope that they studio continues to put out wonderful apps that more and more generations of parents, kids and grandparents can enjoy together.

Check out this interesting infographic which reveals more about Toca Boca¹s success story.

About Toca Boca

Toca Boca, the No. 1 mobile-first kids brand in the App Store, is a play studio that makes digital toys for kids. Since its first product launch in 2011, Toca Boca has released 28 apps that have been downloaded in 215 countries worldwide. With 100 million total downloads to date, Toca Boca apps focus on stimulating kids’ imaginations so they can play and have fun in a safe digital environment. With offices in San Francisco, Stockholm and New York, Toca Boca is part of The Bonnier Group, a family-owned business that includes newspapers, magazines, television, cinemas and digital media. For more information, please visit Toca Boca has also received worldwide recognition from organizations such as the Parent’s Choice Awards, the Webby Awards and the Lovie Awards.

Here is the complete catalog of Toca Boca titles: