heroki-screen-08After five years in the making, Picomy’s adorable-looking high-flying action-adventure iOS-exclusive game Heroki, will soon be published by SEGA.

Players take on the role of the title character, Heroki, a propeller-headed hero and try to “save his world and battle the enemies that get in his way”.

With some beautiful 3D graphics, Heroki features four expansive 3D worlds, dozens unique enemies and more than ten hours of gameplay during which players can explore, fight and collect coins using a series of intuitive touch-based controls.

Heroki uses the wind to fly, freefall, dash, and bash across beautiful 3D rendered sky-islands, jungles, seas and deserts, on a quest to save the peaceful sky village of Levantia.

While the game is a brand new IP, when you watch the trailer below, like me, you’ll probably get a little nostalgic feeling as the game looks like it does a nice job of re-creating a classic SEGA feel. You will also get a glimpse of how the touch controls will work.

Heroki_SEGA_Screenshot_BonusWhen the game launches, Heroki will be a paid premium app at a price of $7.99 when it launches “SOON”.

For more information on independent developer, Picomy and to learn about Heroki, you can visit their website.

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