boss-monster_975208198_ipad_05If you missed last night’s livestream of the iPad release of Boss Monster that I did with BoardGameGeek’s Brad Cummings, you can now watch it on YouTube.

After weeks of release delays, last night Brad and I finally got to check out the (real-time) multiplayer gameplay of Brotherwise Games’ digital release of their Boss Monster dungeon building card game. We had a great time and there were some nice questions from the viewers. (Please excuse my lack of advanced strategy.) You can grab the base game app for FREE, which gives you the solo play against the AI, but if you are curious what the ($6.99 IAP) online Multiplayer is like, you can check out the recorded version of the livestream below:

NOTE: The livestream seems to have been cutoff when it ported over to YouTube, but you can watch the full thing on twitch right here (via a non-iOS device):

Feel free to leave comments on this post if you have any additional questions regarding the gameplay.