TaichiPandaIf you’re a fan of action RPGs such as Diablo or Torchlight and own an iOS device then you’re going to want to check out Taichi Panda, available now in the App Store.

Taichi Panda is an action RPG dungeon crawler featuring an enormous bipedal panda that’s also a martial arts expert.

He’s trying to restore balance to a world gripped in an iron vice of evil and is joined by two other playable characters: a dextrous and stealthy treasure hunter and a muscular and strong knight.

The world of Taichi Panda is beautiful to behold and in full 3D. It’s full of nasty critters to destroy, of course, such as bandits, goblins, and demons. Oh, and pandas. Lots of pandas.


You’ll be cutting a path through a swarm of these enemies on your way through the numerous levels in the game. War Pets can be summoned to help you and you’ll particularly need them during the many tough boss fights.

Your character itself, its gear, and its skills can all be fully upgraded but you’ll have to gather enough resources and materials from within the game first.

There are several multiplayer modes if you’re that way inclined. 1v1 duels will satisfy those wanting to test their characters might against others while 3v3 battles can help settle disputes amongst friends.


However, if you fancy playing non-competitively, you can head into three player Team Dungeons instead.

The App Store is the place to be now that Taichi Panda has been released for free.

Download your copy of Taichi Panda below:

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