Main MenuThis Thursday, one of my favorite iOS games of 2014 is about to get even better.

White Wizard Games has just announced that they will finally be releasing the Gambit Expansion for all digital versions of its Star Realms deck building card game (iOS included).

Originally released as stretch goal rewards for the game’s Kickstarter campaign, this expansion adds additional depth and replayability to the game with new ships and bases, the all-new Gambit cards and more.

Rob Dougherty, Gambit Set Designer and White Wizard Games CEO, said, “The Gambit set is my favorite expansion from the physical game. I love how you don’t have to wait for Gambits to come up out of the trade deck. They start right in play and give you powerful new options starting from the very first turn of the game!”

Available via a one-time $3.99 IAP for customers who have already purchased the full-game unlock ($4.99 IAP), the new 25-card digital Gambit Expansion includes all of the Gambit and promotional cards from the Kickstarter physical card set and breaks down as follows:

Nine new Gambit cards which give players special abilities:

Card Viewer (3)

  • Bold Raid
  • Energy Shield
  • Frontier Fleet
  • Political Maneuver
  • Rise to Power
  • Salvage Operation
  • Smuggling Run
  • Surprise Assault
  • Unlikely Alliance
Sixteen new ship and base cards have also been added to the trade deck:
  • New ships in the trade deck:
    • 3 Merc Cruiser
    • 2 Battle Screecher
    • 1 Megahauler
    • 1 The Ark
    • 2 Battle Barge
  • New bases in the trade deck:
    • 1 Breeding Site
    • 2 Starmarket
    • 2 Fortress Oblivion
    • 2 Starbase Omega

Two New CampaignsThe fun doesn’t stop there, as there are also numerous updates to the campaign mode as well, including two new campaign chapters with a total of 13 new campaign missions during which you’ll make use of the new cards. Players unlock Gambits as they complete missions and can then choose which Gambits to use when attempting future missions.

Looking for a bot of a challenge, challenge? Attempt the new missions with no Gambits or make it easier by using additional Gambits. Completing the new campaign chapters will also unlock new avatars.

Even if you don’t purchase the Gambit Expansion, you’ll still get some new tweaks when you update the app:

  • Three leaderboards, so players can track their weekly, monthly, and lifetime play.
  • A new update area on the main menu, so players can receive timely updates about the game.
  • Faster card animation, as an option for advanced users.
  • More hints and tips, to help new players avoid common play mistakes.
Download your copy of Star Realms: