league-of-angels-screen-1_600pxThe browser action RPG, League of Angels, is getting a mobile version, when League of Angels – Fire Raiders launches globally soon on iOS and Android.

The Devil Prince is plotting to usurp the lands of Gaia with his invading demonic Devil Army from his impenetrable citadel and it’s up to you and your avatar to stop him.

There are hundreds of angel heroes lining up to help you save the lands of Gaia and you can recruit them all to build a powerful army with which to oppose the Devil Prince’s plans.

Outfitting your avatar and heroes with the finest armor and weapons is a must and these can all be made superior with socketable gems.

Your avatar will level up after participating in battle-after-battle and can be customized to match your bespoke playstyle.

Your castle is your base of operations so defending it at all costs is a must. You have a variety of powerful spells at your disposal to do just that.

Joining or creating a guild is an excellent means to making new friends but if enemies are what you’re looking for you can participate in arena wars both locally or cross-server.

League of Angels – Fire Raiders will be released globally for free on iOS and Android soon.

For more information, you can visit the League of Angels Facebook page or the game’s official website. And make sure you check out the trailer below for a sneak peek at the gameplay and the thought process that went into making the game/app.

Once the game is released you’ll be able to download it via the link below*

*This link is already active for Canadian readers during the game’s Soft Launch.

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