kids-appsWill you be traveling with kids for Thanksgiving or just need to keep the little ones out of the kitchen while you get your big Holiday meal ready?

Then why not check out these fun new apps for kids. They’ll keep the kids entertained during those long car trips or any time of the year.

ShipAntics: The Legend of The Kiki Beast

StoryToys Entertainment Limited has returned with a second (of three planned) helping of their delightful interactive story app, ShipAntics: The Legend of The Kiki Beast. If you haven’t tried it yet, the app has just dropped to FREE and it includes the first Appisode of the game (which my daughter LOVED), so there is no excuse not to.

ShipAntics is a charming and entertaining seafaring adventure game aimed at kids ages 6 to 9 which combines humorous TV-quality cartoon sequences with engaging point-and click style puzzles and other interactive elements. It has really high production values and Appisode 2, continues the adventures of “Captain Fred, the warm-hearted skipper of the Barnacle, Amanda his precocious, wild and wide-eyed daughter, and Otto, a cheeky young tall-tale touting Octopus”, with your kids solving new mysteries and puzzles.

The second Appisode is available as a $1.99 in-app purchase and I highly recommend checking this one out.

Sago Mini Road Trip

Designed for kids aged 2-5 Sago Mini Road Trip is the latest cute offering from the folks at Sago Sago.

Your child gets to pick a destination, pack a suitcase with a variety of crazy supplies and select his or her vehicle which ranges from the traditional sports car to an ice cream truck and even a pickle car. Then it’s time to hit the road with Jinja the cat for one of six unique destinations where they’ll “stop for gas, crash through a giant cupcake or fly the car through the air. After reaching their destination and greeting their friend, kids can do it all over again. Mimicking real life, no two road trips are ever the same”.

There is no IAP in any of Sago Sago’s apps and they are always big hits with toddlers and preschoolers.

Dr. Panda’s Mailman

Every kid’s favorite App Store Panda is back in Dr. Panda’s Mailman. In this sandbox-style game, kids get to explore what it’s like to be a mail carrier, riding their scooter over mountains and through villages, forests and fields to deliver mail to more than 10 different animals. They can paint their own postcards and make their own packages and explore and interact with all sorts of surprising elements.

There are no in-app purchases, nor third-party ads.

My PlayHome School

PlayHome Software is back with more digital paper dollhouse fun in My PlayHome School. Now the my PlayHome world has expanded to include a schoolhouse where kids can pretend to be the teacher and kids in a classroom, eat lunch in the cafeteria, conduct experiments in the science lab and even mop the corridors.

Plus My PlayHome School is also “fully integrated with the original My PlayHome & My PlayHome Stores apps so you can bring everything back home!”

If you have a child with an active imagination, I cannot recommend this or any of the other My PlayHome apps enough. My daughters absolutely adore these apps and come up with such creative stories while playing with them.

There are no third-party ads, no IAPs and no social network, push notifications or registrations required.

Bamba Farm

In Bamba Farm, your kids get to experience life on the farm…Bamba style. Shear the sheep, feed the chickens, plant seeds, milk the cows and do all sorts of fun farm-related tasks while learning about numbers and how to count from 1 to 10.

The Bamba apps have been a big hit in our household and they probably will be in yours as well.