overkill3_screen1Developer Craneballs Studios recently announced that for their third outing of Overkill, they will be shifting their sights away from the gallery shooter style of the first two games in the series, to a richer third-person perspective.

Overkill 3 is a cover based third-person shooter that brings console qualities to mobile gaming. Pumping all the juice from current devices to present a visual spectacle. Including 10 environments and over 50 unique levels to fight mobile repetition. Using audio effects and music to complement the scene and create compelling and unique gaming moments. Overkill 3 will set players on a path that will constantly provide new surprises, cinematic wow moments and present them with fresh challenges, either directly in combat or during interactive cutscenes. We want players absorbed in action-packed and constantly evolving experience.

This is really exciting news as I think this shift in gameplay styles will add some nice depth to the series, and player engagement that just wasn’t possible in the previous shooting gallery mechanic and offer gameplay more akin to what you might see on a console.

Here is a complete list of features:

  • Change to TPS to showcase the character and armor/gun upgrades directly in the game
  • Boss battles – against drones, robots, vehicles
  • Machine gun nest missions for pure “letting of steam”
  • Night missions – they look great thanks to Unity with its lighting possibilities
  • Plenty of guns and sophisticated gun upgrading (not entirely unexpected from an Overkill title)
  • Release date Fall 2014
  • iOS and Android
  • Free to play

Below is a teaser trailer that was “shot directly from Overkill 3! No graphical polishing or after effects”. This is what iOS gamers can expect to see on their devices this Fall.

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