Stronghold Games has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their popular space-themed deckbuilding game ‘Core Worlds’ to the iPhone and iPad.

About the Game:

The ancient Galactic Realm, ruled from the Core Worlds of the galaxy, is waning. Now, the barbaric kingdoms that lie beyond the galactic frontier are amassing their strength, choosing this pivotal moment to strike at the heart of the fading republic, establishing new empires built upon the ashes of decaying civilizations.

But these outer systems are not yet strong enough to engage the forces of the Core Worlds directly. The young kingdoms must first gnaw at the edges of the crumbling frontier, developing new types of units and shrewder tactics. They must build up their energy resources to launch magnificent fleets and overwhelming ground forces. Then, when the time is right, they must strike at the galactic core itself, claiming the most exalted planets for themselves. The barbarian kingdom that achieves these goals will carve out the greatest empire in the galaxy.


With pledge levels starting at just $5 (which gets you the game and one exclusive card), and even more exclusive cards at higher pledge levels, this iOS release of Core Worlds promises engaging deckbuilding game play against players both local and online via Game Center, as well as a solo experience against AI opponent(s), tournament play, match play and in-game rewards and limited edition cards that will “allow you to customize the look and feel of your empire”.

Currently ranked number 298 on Board Game Geek, with an average rating of 7.34 out of 10, I have no doubt this one should quickly reach its funding goal of $20,000 (in fact it is already well over a quarter of the way there.

For more information regarding this new digital version of the game, which is being developed by BrokenMyth Studios and the various pledge levels, you can visit the official Kickstarter campaign page.