solforge_582493858_ipad_02.jpgStone Blade Entertainment has just kicked off a huge Spring Break sale dropping the Gold prices of all packs, decks, and single cards in their strategy card battling game, SolForge by 30%.

The timing of the sale seems like it is probably in response to Blizzard’s iPad release of Hearthstone, which is surely tempting some long-time SolForge players away.

From now until the end of April 22nd, Stone Blade is celebrating Spring Break with these big savings on all Booster Packs and Rise of the Forgeborn packs to Legendary Chests and Card of the Day and the Alternate Art Card of the Week which just so happens to be Spring Dryad.

They’ve also upped the ante with a brand new item in the in-game store, “a one-time purchasable Legendary chest with only cards from Rise of the Forgeborn, which is available at the discounted rate of 1750 Gold”.

So if you aren’t being tempted away from the flashy new game from Blizzard, now is a great time to stock up on all of your SolForge boosters.

Download your copy of SolForge: