skullduggery-mostwantedSometime this Fall, Portland, Oregon-based development studio ClutchPlay Games will be releasing their second game, Skullduggery!.

If ClutchPlay Games sounds familiar, that’s because they were one of last year’s PAX East’s Indie Showcase winners with their game Little Chomp.

The new game will employ a similar slingshot movement mechanic but instead of a cute little caterpillar, you control a skull, flinging it through the levels by “leveraging the elasticity of your own brain! Slow-down time and thread the needle between deadly obstacles! Play ‘HEAD to HEAD’ against your friends! Fill out paperwork and reflect on the inherent emptiness of existence!”

In honor of Tax Day, they’ve cooked up the following PSA-style teaser trailer “because in Skullduggery! you play a semi organic autonomous skull working for the InFERnal Revenue service collecting taxes from the “deadbeats” of the afterlife”.

PSA Trailer
GDC Trailer