alone-01UK-based Laser Dog Games (PUK) recently launched a dramatic new teaser trailer to announce their second mobile game, titled ALONE.

ALONE puts the player “into the cockpit of a lone-piloted vessel destined to survive the isolation and solitude of space”.

It is a side-scrolling, procedural endless runner where players attempt to safely navigate the furthest distance possible through crumbling caves and falling debris. Sliding your finger up and down on the left half of the screen allows you control your craft’s vertical movements while tapping on the right side of the screen gives you a boost to get out of sticky situations.

alone-04We’ve been told that the game will be tough and is designed for short bursts of repeated play as you try to improve on your previous performance. However, ALONE’s procedural worlds are designed to give the player a sense of progress, with the difficulty gently rising and falling with the development of each new planet”.

You can get a taste of the gameplay in the very well-produced trailer below, which gives off a Gravity-like vibe, unfortunately with a lot less Sandra Bullock (or George Clooney is that’s more your thing). ALONE should be arriving on the App Store sometime in June for $2.99.