quarriors_quarmageddon-07Last month we told you about WizKids’ upcoming Quarriors! expansion, Quarmageddon.

The update is now available for a one-time $1.99 in app purchase and Whiz Kids have made the base game FREE (reg $3.99), through the middle of this week so GRAB IT NOW if you haven’t already!

The Quarmageddon expansion adds 40 additional dice to the base game, along with additional spells and new creatures to expand upon the humor and gameplay of the original.

What’s in the Quarmageddon expansion?

  • 40 new dice to help power up a variety of novel monsters, heroes and spells.
  • 26 never-before-seen cards powering 6 new creatures and 2 new spells.
  • Novel “Immunity” ability for some creatures — watch as they laugh off your opponent’s attacks and spells!

What’s being updated?

  • Multiple difficulty settings allow you to tailor the AI to your skills.
  • Optional rules (Advanced Capture and Expert Culling) to deepen the gameplay and boost the challenge in multiplayer modes.
  • An improved and expanded tutorial that takes newcomers through multiple rounds of gameplay.
  • Tweaks to multiplayer matchmaking and gameplay.

You can read our full review of the Quarriors! here and make sure you don’t miss out on this great freebie.

Download your FREE copy of Quarriors! from the App Store: