devious-dungeon_792176269_ipad_01As I already mentioned earlier today in my notable new free app round-up, it is a jam-packed week of new iOS game releases!

Diving into the paid apps, it is no less crowded with another eleven titles to tell you about starting with the latest retro-inspired title from Ravenous Games, a medieval action platforming game called Devious Dungeon. It’s dungeon crawling time as you explore random dungeons, slay creatures, collect loot and level up. Admittedly, the last few titles from Ravenous have been a bit hit or miss for me, so here’s hoping that this one is more hit than miss.

Foursaken Media is back again this week with a new title in its Block Fortress franchise, Block Fortress: War. This time instead of mixing TD and FPS, they’ve mashed up block building and real-time strategy as you take control of your block army, building up your defenses and fighting your way through either the extensive campaign or online against your GameCenter friends.

faif_824958032_ipad_01Next up is fun little risk/reward puzzle game that involves some strategy and a little luck as you battle waves of opponents in a game of tile-selecting wits. The tiles feature various symbols on them including hearts, gems, swords and skulls and the player and opponent(s) take turns selecting 5 adjacent tiles, only one of which will be activated at random…and that’s the action you will take. Will you attack? Recoup health? Mine for gems to buy helpful spells? or just get hurt? Weight your selection in favor of a particular action by choosing more of that type of tile. While there is definitely a strong luck element, I’m having a good deal of fun with this one. If you want to get a taste of the gameplay, there is a browser-playable version available on the developer’s website.

If you’re someone that enjoys the masochistic challenge of games like Super Hexagon, then it sounds like this next title might be right in your wheelhouse. Wave Wave is another fast-paced abstract arcade game of polygon avoidance as players attempt to shift up and down to “avoid the gauntlet of triangles”. The game features 5 modes of play, 5 difficulties, 25 levels, VS split screen and developer Tom Janson warns “this game will test you”.

nozoku-rush_777933012_ipad_02One-man indie development studio Chaotic Box is subtracting digits and taking names with their latest game Nozoku Rush. Inspired in-part by SpellTower, Nozoku Rush is a math-based puzzle game where players swipe tiles that subtract down to zero to clear them off an ever-populating board. There are two game modes Rush (where new tiles fall faster and faster) and Race (has a time limit), each with their own leaderboards, as well as extreme versions of each. This is a fun casual game that will keep those synapses firing and fingers moving. It kind of reminds me a little bit of a game called Big Top Ten (though without the circus theme) that I used to enjoy, but is no longer on the App Store…I’ll see you on the leaderboards.

Mines of Mars, the latest offering from Crescent Moon Games is a “procedural atmospheric mining game that is inspired by games like Metroid and Motherload”. Dig, mine, gather resources, upgrade weapons and try to explore further. The game has been getting a lot of good pre-release buzz and features some rather nice looking graphics and will surely appeal to fans of games like Dig it and Motherload.

‘Hidden Object’ more your style? Then you’ll want to consider Pahelika: Secret Legends, a new hidden object adventure game from IronCode Gaming in which players take on the role of Sudesh, an explorer and adventurer who has discovered a magical device which can open portals to magical lands or perhaps into an ancient magic book called Pahelika. The game contains a variety of puzzle types plus the ability to combine objects, mix potions, cast spells and more.

cashflow-the-investing-game_821135385_ipad_01Can accounting really be fun? Robert T. Kiyosaki, financial guru and the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad seems to think so, and that’s why he created CASHFLOW – The Investing Game. A marriage of accounting and investing, the object of this board game is to not only have fun, but increase your real-world financial IQ so you can “get out of the rat race and have more passive income, no longer have to work and let your money work for you”. While yes, it is a game, it is also meant to be a valuable educational tool. I think I just might have to pick this one up. You can see a lot more info on the reasoning behind this game in the trailer on page 2 of this post.

Kotobuki has just released a new title in their popular Alphadia fantasy JRPG series titled RPG Alphadia Genesis at a special launch price of $4.99 (50% off). Anyone who reads this site or follows me on twitter knows that JRPGs are not a genre that I play…ever…but I figured the title was worth mentioning as it brings some new features to the series including “shifting camera angles and voiced characters” which should allow for more immersive 3D battle sequences. So if you like JRPGs or this series then you’ll want take advantage of this launch sale.

knock-knock-game_797090553_ipad_02Knock-Knock Game is a PC survival horror game that was successfully Kickstarted back in 2012 by Ice-Pick Lodge and tonight it makes its way to iOS. A mysterious dilapidated cabin in the woods…a man on the edge of sanity and a bevy of evil, grotesque intruders. This sounds creepy and good! Do you have what it takes to survive the night with your sanity intact?

And finally, speaking of survival, sometime in the next 24 hours, Telltale should be releasing episode 2 of Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2, which as I said here, will be free for any who already purchased the season pass, or a $4.99 in app purchase if you just want to unlock the new episode.

Go to the second page of this post to watch the trailers for these games.