solforge_winter_saleStone Blade Entertainment has just kicked off their big SolForge Winter Sale.

The Gold prices of all items in the SolForge in-game store have been slashed by 50%. The sale includes “everything from booster packs and faction decks to event tickets and game skins”.

Note that even the recently launched Card of the Day and Alternate Art Card of the Week features are not safe from price slashing and are also included (making these often pricey new options a bit more reasonably priced).

“If you have been looking to build up your collection, try out the new Draft mode, or just want to stock up on event tickets for tournaments, there is no better time than now!”

Also, separate from the Winter Sale, Stone Blade is taking this opportunity to make a number if changes to the way the event tickets work.

Normally to get a ticket to participate in one of the tournaments, you either have to purchase them using an insanely large number of Silver coins, or spend Gold (which costs real money) to buy a ticket. The ‘Silver’ cost of event tickets has been drastically reduced by 50% to (the still kind of high) price of 20,000 Silver coins and (perhaps even better news for many) the “First Online Win” Daily Reward has been changed to always award an event ticket.


These changes to the distribution and sale of event tickets are a long-term change that will remain in effect after the conclusion of the Winter Sale.

If you haven’t tried out this creative take on digital CCGs and deck builders, I highly recommend doing so. You can get started for free and you earn a lot of free cards (even some Rare ones) just by playing…no IAPs or gold purchases required.

I have no idea when the sale will end, so if you are interested in picking up any of the premium booster packs, then you should take advantage of the sale prices while they last.

Download your copy of SolForge below: