atomic-fusion-particle-collider_731547298_ipad_03Unless there are a few overnight surprises, this week is fairly light on big new releases. However there are still a few notable new apps that are worthy of mentioning.

The first freebie of the night is Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider and it comes from iOS newcomers Bytesized Studios. It appears to be an arcadey, high-scoring type game centered around Quantum physics. Players need to try to create all the known elements in the periodic table by “absorbing and manipulating matter, antimatter, plasma waves, and photons”. Looks strange, but fun and no high-level science degree is required to play.

Next up, the often shark-obsessed folks at Future Games of London are back with an online combat strategy game called Little Raiders in which players build their own treetop village and assemble an army of (less than ideal) soldiers, train and take care of them. Collect, upgrade and craft your weapons, go on raids and eventually exact your revenge on the evil Sheriff….it’s all in a day’s work.

blokus-free_762647898_03It appears that sometime back in September, Gameloft’s iOS versions of the Mattel strategy board game Blokus™ were unceremoniously removed from the app store because Mattel didn’t think were up to snuff (or perhaps there were other legal reasons). Now Magmic Inc. has picked up the reigns and released both a Free (ad-supported) and $1.99 paid version of the game complete with single player as well as online muliplayer (which unlike their greedy implementation in Skip-Bo, doesn’t require the purchasing of tokens). If you haven’t played Blokus™ before it is simple and fun strategy game where players compete to place as many of their Tetris-like pieces on the game board as possible (given a few restrictions). I’d highly recommend grabbing the free version of the game to check out.

As for paid games, we’ll start with TripTrap, an adorable looking gravity flipping puzzle game in which players must help Ched the mouse get all of the delicious cheese while avoiding deadly traps. While not really a new concept, the game looks like it has some character and a good deal of polish.

JoyBits, creators of the popular Doodle God™ and Doodle Devil™) games, gets Medieval on their apps with Doodle Kingdom™ (iPhone, iPad). In this latest entry in the Doodle puzzle game series, players can breed and raise dragons or go on quests as either a Knight, Warlock or dragon. There is also a new ‘runner’ mode in which players arm their knight and battle hordes of monsters. Fans of this series will want to check this one out. Newbies (like myself) may want to download the free version of one of their previous ‘Doodle’ titles to get a feel for the gameplay.

in-fear-i-trust_767479102_ipad_05Chillingo’s latest publishing effort is a creepy thriller of a puzzle/adventure game called In Fear I Trust. You are trapped in a strange facility, with no recollection of how you got there and now you need to find a way to escape. Along the way you’ll discover more information and will be forced to solve a variety of puzzles.

According to the developer’s website, this app contains the first two episodes of the series, but Black Wing Foundation is “already working on the development of the rest of the story which will be available soon. Season one will unwrap just like your favourite TV series except you are the center of attention, story, and mystery that In Fear I Trust brings on to the table.” This game is probably the highlight of the night for me, as I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff…getting the headphones ready now.

Kairosoft has released another of their pixelated simulation games, Ninja Village, which this time centers around training your fellow ninjas in the ways of 16th-century Japanese warfare in an attempt to unify the country.

towermadness-2_648977182_ipad_01Finally Limbic Software is back with the second title in their TowerMadness tower defense game series. The aliens are back and the sheep need your help. So construct those towers, kick some alien butt and protect the flock out of those woolly critters.

TowerMadness 2 promises to be bigger and better than its predecessor with 40 new maps, new enemies, new weapons, new characters, cloud saves, and even game controller support.

I told you it was a pretty light week, so that’s all I’ve got for you.
Make sure to leave a comment below if there were any “MUST HAVE” titles that I may have missed.


Magmic Inc.
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