Discover Page + Search JPGA trio of Seattleite’s have just launched an interesting new social shopping app called Slync which aims to change the way you shop and make the experience a bit more social, while supporting your local community

It mixes aspects of Pinterist, twitter and Facebook in a new way to help you discover what others around you are buying. Users of the app can browse items which have been recently purchased at stores and restaurants closest to their current location, complete with photo, price and point of purchase of said item. They can search for a particular item or see what things are trending and even get turn-by-turn directions to the buy the item themselves.

Detail Page JPGTo share a purchase with others you simply take a photo, input the price and publish it publicly or keep it private for your own use (gift ideas, etc).

The developers have opted for a safer and more streamlined social experience, and avoid the usual traps of spam and hateful comments that can quickly deteriorate a service like this. This is accomplished by the fact that there are “no friends, biographies or comments”, just a simple way for you to send a thank you to the person who posted the item that interested you. So no one will know how to track down and steal that new TV you just bought, your purchase is shared but not your private info.

While right now the service is only available in Seattle, WA, the team plans to expand Slync to more cities soon and have several investors lined up and ready to invest a sizable amount of money into a national launch. So keep an eye out for updates.

Download ‘Slync‘: