soccer-moves_675083486_ipad_04Just two days away from the release of the new iPads and bunch more apps will be piling onto the App Store tonight.

First the freebies…

Backflip Studios is taking their popular endless climber to the horizontal plane with NinJump Rooftops. A free-to-play endless runner with all the features you’ve come to expect from the genre including rolling missions, coins, coin magnets and more. Oh and did I mention there is also a HUGE A** PANDA! Check out the trailer on page 2 of the post for a glimpse of this crazy action!

In Fuzzy Logic’s latest title, Soccer Moves, a mix of soccer and strategy game, players must score the ‘perfect goal’ using a limited number of moves. It is a hybrid of free and paid, in which you can try a number of levels for free, but then you must purchase the Career Mode to continue to play. I’ve been hearing this one is quite fun.

Axes & Allies is a line-drawing RPG (not sure I’ve seen this genre mashup before) in which players take command of three ‘Mighty Orc Heroes’ (The Berserker, The Bowmaster, and The Shaman) each of which must harness its unique abilities and weapons to help fend off the army of the dead so they can save their Warchief.

romans-from-mars_651447467_ipad_02Another free-to-play title hitting the store this week is Romans From Mars. In this first-person, endless castle-defense game from Majesco Entertainment, you are a single Roman solider trying to defend Earth against Mars, THE God of War. Formerly banished from Earth and forced to live on the planet that bears his name, Mars is back with a chip on his shoulder and a small army, trying to take back your planet. You wield an upgradable crossbow and Jupiter has granted you special elemental powers of Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning to aid you in your quest to defend your castle against wave after wave of brainwashed Martians.

A mix of adventure game, RPG and a collectible game with some dungeon exploration and tactical battles thrown in for good measure, Evilibrium RPG – Demon Hunter Adventure was developed “specially for everyday mobile users” and is playable with just a single finger. Explore and uncover new zones simply “by tapping on tiles of a colorful panel map, each of which will open a new section of dungeon hiding new vicious enemies to fight or precious treasures to capture”. It’s tough to get a read on the gameplay from the trailer, but it sounds interesting.

Enough with the freebies, lets pay for some apps…

forces-of-nature_566132666_01Released earlier this week by iOS newcomer, Mean Bean Games, Forces of Nature is a cute and rather unique looking hand-drawn 2D side-scrolling defense game. Help the daring Sprout and his ‘forces’ defend themselves against hoards of attacking robots and reclaim their land. Plant your army, then lead them into battle to protect nature from these cold and heartless mechanical beings. Looks like a pretty impressive first game from this freshmen studio started by a pair of brothers and their cousin.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen anything from Bolt Creative and at this point I was pretty sure the pygmies must have made it off the island. Though it appears that the studio has been hard at work on a new IP, Pocket God: Ooga Jump a Doodle Jump style vertical platformer with that same Pocket God sense of humor and lots and lots of pygmy bouncing.

Perfectly suited for this time of year, Lord of Zombies is a gorgeous looking new dual-stick 3D action game which casts you as Lord of the undead, leading your zombie army into battle against the humans. You can transform humans into zombies to grow your army and the game features “more than 50 active and passive skills”, upgradable weapons and special zombies.

fantastical-2_718043190_02The latest in a recent series of paid iOS 7 app updates, Flexibits has rewritten their popular calendar app to make it more iOS7-centric and add some new features like seamless reminder integration, natural language event creation and more. I’m just a casual user of the previous release of Fantastical, and personally since there is still no iPad support, I just didn’t see enough there to compel me to pay for the upgrade, but if you don’t already own the app or use a lot of reminders Fantastical 2 might be a good purchase for you at its special launch price of $2.99.

11 bit Studio’s award-winning Tower Offense VS Tower Defense game series is back on iOS with Anomaly 2, featuring a “massive story-driven campaign with alternate endings to uncover”, online multiplayer and some really amazing looking visuals thanks to an all-new game engine. Fans of the series will definitely be scooping this one up, newcomers…maybe this is the time to jump in on the action.

BIT_TRIP_RUN_716895451_ipad_01Next up is BIT.TRIP RUN!. Easily my most anticipated release of the week, this is a title that I’ve been hoping would show up on iOS ever since I first saw Bit.Trip Runner2 showcased (for the PC) at PAX East 2010. So needless to say I’m exited that Gaijin Games’ popular rhythm-music platforming game series finally makes an appearance on iOS tonight. Help Commander Video run, jump, slide, kick, and soar toward his goal avoiding obstacles and certain death. With 3 worlds and a total of 57 levels, 8 characters, 40 unlockable costumes and 3 “exhilarating Boss battles” it looks like I’m gonna be up late tonight!

And finally, Bulkypix is back this week with the second part in their new adventure game series, Runaway: The Dream Of The Turtle.

Some of these titles are already available, the rest of the links should go live at about 11pm EST.

I know that I skipped over some titles, but I can’t possibly cover them all. Feel free to leave a comment below please letting us know which of these apps (or others) that you’ll be picking up this week.

Go to the second page of this post to watch the trailers for these games.