toca-mini-06This Thursday Toca Boca will be unboxing their latest interactive toy, Toca Mini.

Let your child can explore their creativity as they design their own virtual interactive boxed vinyl toy.

Make scary monsters, fantasy animals or your best friends! Dress up, dress down, three eyes or funny feet? The Minis can become whatever you want! To get started, tap your Mini to add colors, stripes, sleeves or even pants. Be creative with stamps to add details such as hats, socks, laces and buttons. Adding facial features allows your Mini to smile, sneeze and see!With thousands of possible combinations there are endless ways of creating your very own Mini! Don’t forget to take a snapshot of your Mini and share with your friends.

The app’s concept appears to be somewhat similar to Bamba Toys, but with vinyl figures and a much higher level of customization and will most certainly be infused with that unique Toca Boca charm. Unlike Bamba’s title, it will be a universal app, so all iOS device owners can get in on the fun.

You’ll be able to grab this one off the App Store shelves this Thursday for a to be determined price.

Also over the weekend, Toca Boca announced the grand opening of their online shop for purchasing your very own Toca Boca-branded apparel. Just visit to purchase a tee for your child with Toca Boca’s signature rainbow toothy grin.

Right now there is just the one style of tee, but hopefully more designs will follow. Also it would be really cool if sometime down the road, Toca Boca would allow you to purchase physical copies of your kid’s designed Minis through this portal as well….just a thought.