smart_travel_router_angle_lan_webLast weekend my wife, kids and I were staying at a hotel for a family wedding and while the hotel did provide free WiFi, the signal was spotty at best! The connection kept cutting out and the only other WiFi hotspots that showed up on my iOS devices had names like ‘NoPornForU’ and there was absolutely no way in heck I was going to try to connect to that.

However, the room did have a hard-line Ethernet jack as well, but ever since we got the iPad, we pretty much only travel with our iPhones and a (WiFi-only) iPad nowadays. So needless to say, that wired Ethernet didn’t really do us much good, and since my wife’s iPhone is on a very limited data plan that wasn’t really an option (for her).

At the time I mentioned to my wife that I really needed to start bringing a router with us so that we could connect to that instead, but it is rather cumbersome. Then like the hands of fate reached in or Satechi had my room bugged…I received a press release from Satechi when we got home, talking about their new Smart Travel Router & Adapter which provides the exact functionality I was looking for…and then some!

This small little device not only works as a universal plug for your iOS device in over 150 countries, it also works as a travel router in four different modes. Whether (like me) you want to connect your iPad to a wired Ethernet source, extend an existing WiFi network, create your own secure local wireless network or connect some other wired Ethernet device to a WiFi network, the Smart Travel Router & Adapter has got you covered.

  • Router mode: functions as a typical router, connecting to the internet and broadcasts a wireless signal, enabling users to create their own secure network
  • Repeater mode: connects to existing network and improves weak connection by amplifying and extending it
  • Access Point mode: creates a wireless connection from a wired source for maximum mobility
  • Client mode: enables an Ethernet-connected device such as a Smart TV or video game console to connect wirelessly to the internet

In a time when more and more people are ditching their laptops for their iPads when they travel, having a device like the Smart Travel Router & Adapter is essential, especially if you don’t want to pay expensive tethering charges or just want a little more flexibility and security when it comes to your wireless access.

The Smart Travel Router & Adapter is available now for an introductory price of $44.99 at and