CTR2_Logo_VertIf, like me, you can’t seem to get enough of Om Nom’s candy eating antics, then you’ll be thrilled by this news that ZeptoLab just sent over to us.

It seems that they’ve been hard at work on an all-new Cut the Rope title that completely shakes things up. “The first true sequel to the smash hit Cut the Rope re-imagines Om Nom’s universe with new characters, settings, story, and, of course, game mechanics.”

Though it was fairly brief, I really loved the new game mechanics in Om Nom’s last outing, Cut the Rope: Time Travel so I can’t wait to see how ZeptoLab changes up the formula this time around.

om_nom_stories“We remain dedicated to our mission: examining the science of fun. That means building experiences that players love,” said Misha Lyalin, ZeptoLab CEO. “Cut the Rope 2 is a massive step forward for the game. Amazing graphics, gameplay and characters drive a brand new experience that fans are going to love.”

ZeptoLab also revealed that to date, Cut the Rope games have surpassed 400 million downloads and have 60 million active monthly users. In conjunction with this winter’s launch of Cut the Rope 2, ZeptoLab will also be launching a third season of their “Om Nom Stories” web series. The series too, which is currently in its second season, has had its share of success, with more than 85 million views on YouTube as well as airings major TV networks around the world.

We’ll post additional info in the future as soon as ZeptoLab reveals more details.