dodge-this!_638161211_ipad_01It is another jam-packed night of pixel art and new releases and that doesn’t even include a couple of really big titles I cannot tell you about until tomorrow!

Kicking things off (as I always do) with the freebies we have Dodge This!, a crazy looking 3D target shooting game published by Chillingo Ltd and featuring 19 unique types of cannons. Then we have a cute looking indie, pixel-art defense game called My Mini Castle and Chipotle Scarecrow, a top-down puzzle platformer complete with a beautifully animated intro, which looks surprisingly good for a restaurant tie-in game.

Abyssal Games gives us a(nother) vertical gear-jumping endless platformer called Squid Up, while not a terribly original idea, it does look pretty nicely polished.

Indie developer Casey O’Donnell revisits the classic game Pong in his experimental app, GILTcH. He takes “common bugs made in game development and makes it the point of the game”. Just see how long can you play a glitchy version Pong where the scores are going haywire.

infectonator-hot-chase_688671950_ipad_01Armor Games returns with the sequel to their 2012 hit action strategy game Infectonator. The sequel, Infectonator : Hot Chase, builds on the first game, “allowing players to transform their victims into zombies and destroy the world (save one lucky lady), all through addictive, chain reaction gameplay”.

Next up we see an appearance from the two big Console Manufacturers, SONY and Microsoft, who each put out apps this week which let you interact with content or services on their consoles. SONY’s BEYOND Touch™ app can be used to replace a PS3 controller, allowing you to control your BEYOND: Two Souls™ game on the PlayStation®3 system right from your iOS device using a variety of touch controls. Microsoft brings its Spotify-like streaming music subscription service to iOS devices via their new Xbox Music app. Right now there is no offline music support, but I have heard that this is in the works.

And the final freebie is more of a lite version, as the full game still needs to be unlocked via IAP, but it is G5’s latest social island simulation game The Island: Castaway 2™.

Onto the paid apps…

heroes-of-loot_688743207_ipad_03Our first paid app this week is the highly anticipated pixel art, dungeon crawling adventure game Heroes of Loot from the team at Orange Pixel. It has four character classes, random quests and an unlimited supply of randomly generated dungeons which get harder and harder as you go.

Throw down the gauntlet, and mount your steed, because there is a new jousting game on the App Store from Rebellion Games. While it doesn’t appear to have the online multiplayer action of Shake Spears!, Joust Legend looks like it really delivers in the graphics department.

Raise your own pet monster from larva to full-fledged fighter in Pet Peaves Monsters. Nurture them and then ship them off to the battle arena to showcase their unique attack or ability. If that sounds a little too violent for your kids, then why not check out Fiete Match. The Winner of SEGA´s “Big Indie Pitch 2013”, this beautifully illustrated memory game is played against a “Real Sailor” who interacts wordlessly with your child as they play. Plus rather than just matching identical pictures, you have the option of matching other things like equations with their solutions and more. Looks like a fun and educational game.

skip-bo_678448523_ipad_02Skip-Bo™, which technically came out a few days back, was one of my favorite card games growing up and now it turns out that the previous iOS release was not officially licensed by Mattel, but Magmic have remedied that and released their own (much nicer looking) version of the game complete with online multiplayer, universal support and a correct rule set.

PATAPON is a rhythm RPG game series that was first published for the PSP back in 2007/2008 in which players control a tribe of Patapon warriors and try to take down enemies and win boss battles. I have no idea if this iOS release, PATAPON-Siege Of WOW! is a new title in the series or a port as the App Store description is in broken English, but the series has been fairly well received so this could be a nice treat for iOS gamers.

dead-effect_670180265_ipad_04Finally we come to the latest game from publisher Bulkypix, a zombie-shooting SCI -FI FPS called Dead Effect. So if you didn’t get your fill of zombies last week, Dead Effect features a 5+ hour campaign and Universal support.

That’s all I’ve got for you tonight, but stay tuned tomorrow for a few more exiting new games and check out the trailers for these games on page 2 of this post.

Go to the second page of this post to watch the trailers for these games.