updated-apss-09062013There’s nothing like a content update to bring you back to an app which you may have neglected for a while.

Several iOS titles have just received substantial updates adding new content, new game modes, new functionality and of course…bug fixes.
Download these updates now and enjoy some free new content and experiences.


Real Racing 3
Electronic Arts


Make a little room in your garage, because seven generations of the Porsche 911 have just been added to Real Racing 3 along with a special new “50 Years of 911” Series. There is also a new ‘VIP Delivery’ feature allowing you to get instant car deliveries and upgrades (for a price of course).


Kieffer Bros.


Out of the blue, the Keiffer Brothers have just added a new bonus Fish Chapter to Aqueduct containing 30 additional free medium-difficulty puzzles for. If you haven’t played this brilliantly fun and deceptively difficult sliding puzzle game yet, then now’s a great time to pick it up, or at least try the free version.


Laser Dog


This air hockey / puzzle / speed run game gets a big update, catering the action with two additional difficulty modes, “Shadow” (Hard) and “Light” (Easier). There are also new soundtracks and graphical styles which are unique to each mode as well. Light mode apparently has an easier learning curve, giving the player more time as well as easier levels (no black levels). However you can’t get too comfortable, because if you “progress far enough in this mode the game becomes faster than any other version of PUK with time limits becoming very tight”. Shadow mode is not for the feint of heart, throwing you right into some of the hardest levels that PUK has to offer.




While their iPad app seems to have been forgotten (hasn’t been updated in over a year), GetGlue adds some nice new functionality to their iPhone release, with a “fully redesigned user experience”. Now you can even launch a huge variety of streaming apps right from within GetGlue, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, iTunes, HBO GO, ABC, FOX, FX, AMC and a dozen more. If you are a DIRECTTV subscriber, you can remotely control your TV and there are loads of new tweaks to let you read summaries of episodes, discover new shows and track the ones you want to watch later. It looks like GetGlue is close the hole left behind by Apple’s acquisition of Matcha.