giant-boulder-of-death_498502995_ipad_01It is Wednesday night and a fresh batch of mobile entertainment is upon us.

A number of these new releases hail from first-time iOS developers and feature everything from automobiles to giant boulders, Roman armies to hordes and hordes of zombies.

Starting things off tonight we have a funny looking freebie called Giant Boulder of Death which comes to us from the twisted folks at [adult swim]. You are a giant boulder exacting your vengeance upon anything that comes in your way as you roll down the lush green countryside.

Also free is Rooms of Memory™, a hidden object adventure game set on a mysterious and lavish estate. It comes to us from developer PlayMe8 and I believe this marks Chillingo’s first publishing foray into this particular game genre. Chillingo is also taking another stab at publishing Bombcats which was originally a free-to-play title back in May. Realizing too late that they gave far too much of the game away for free, this new paid “Special Edition” eliminates all IAP (most of which wasn’t crucial anyways) and offers up the entire game for the bargain price of just 99¢.

zombie-highway-drivers-ed_675881421_ipad_04If you’re looking for a new physics puzzler Coding Jar Studios’ freshman effort, Fling Theory may do the trick as you use Electrons to charge atoms to create a magnetic field to create a safe passageway. The creators behind the monstrous hit Zombie Highway are back with a new spin-off called Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed. Instead of just being an endless highway, this sequel has players attempting to “complete scored runs on a zombie filled driving course” with an upgradeable vehicle. Looks like more mindless fun.

How good are your typing skills? Would you bet your life on them? In Tagstar Publishing’s Zombie Typomaniac players must quickly type the words above the approaching zombies to shoot and kill the flesh eaters. There are also five boss battles to round out the action in this fun looking tongue-falling-out-of-cheek speed-typing game.

Cosmoplan : A Space Puzzle is exactly what it says in the title…a space-themed puzzle game in which you must launch and then jettison portions of your space craft to intersect stars whilst avoiding obstacles. Looks like a decent test of reaction timing and spacial reasoning skills.

ancient-battle-rome_614410957_ipad_01Hunted Cow Studios uses their war gaming know-how to craft an all new experience for iOS. Ancient Battle: Rome puts you in charge of a vast Roman army as you fight through ‘Caesars campaign in Gaul’ “culminating in the classic siege of Alesia, and the campaign between Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great, including the battle of Pharsalus.” This game is available for 50% off at launch, through September 13th.

Previously released on both the PC and WiiWare, Microids’ Gods VS Humans is a cute looking hand of god/defense game. The humans are trying to build a tower to reach the gods’ realm (again) and it is up to the you (one of the gods) to try to stop them, smite them and demolish their tower, using your godly powers.

This brings us to the final three titles of the night, 2013: Infected Wars, Call of Duty®: Strike Team and 2K Drive.

call-of-duty-strike-team_655619282_ipad_01Activision surprises us with an all-new mobile-exclusive first-person AND third-person Call of Duty title, Call of Duty®: Strike Team. In a genre first, the game allows players to “dynamically switch from run-and-gun first-person view to reconnaissance and coordinated squad attacks in third-person view”. Cool! The game features both a campaign mode as well as a survival mode.

Action Mobile Games’s action horror third-person shooter 2013: Infected Wars offers gamers a choice of four upgradeable character classes and fourteen weapons as they battle zombies side-by-side with their friends in the game’s full co-op multiplayer campaign.

2k_drive_screenIn 2K DRIVE, 2K Games along with Lucid Games (creators of Blur and PGR) bring iOS gamers an all-new mobile automotive experience featuring licensed upgradeable cars, real locations, off-road racing and dozens of unique challenges. Players can compete online with their friends and attempt to rule the global leaderboards. You can even put your own face into the game! 2K DRIVE looks like it is gleaming with polish and with its rich pedigree, I’m quite excited to take it for a test drive and see how it compares to some of the existing iOS driving games. Make sure to check out the brand-new launch trailer on the second page of this post.

And that’s all I have for you tonight, if there was some great new app that I missed, let me know in the comments below.

Go to the second page of this post to watch the trailers for these games.