imageI apologize for the brevity (though some may not complain here) and lateness of this ‘New Release’ post as I’ve been traveling for the last day or so.

What initially appeared like a light week of new releases heading into the holiday weekend, has turned out to be pretty jam-packed.

On the FREE-front we have the latest in PikPok’s (American) football field goal kicking series, Flick Kick Field Goal 2014, and earlier this week, EA launched it’s all new free-to-play version of Madden for mobile platforms called Madden NFL 25 by EA SPORTS™ (though from what I’ve heard this one is a bit of an IAP mess).

Chillingo brings us Max Steel, a new mobile game based on the Mattel action figure line and Disney XD animated series and Fix the Leaks is a gravity-defying physics puzzle game that looks like it is in a similar vein as Cut The Rope.

imageCie Games and Nitto hit the gas pedal on a new real-time online multiplayer Drag Racing game w/ upgradable cars and a betting (for cash and/or pink slips).

Konami brings iOS gamers Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Pocket, a trading card game based on the popular Japanese manga series. Namco / Bandai launches a retro-style cartoon arcade platformer, BRAVOMAN: Binja Bash!.

Speaking of arcade action, International Boxing Champions looks like a fun, free arcade boxing title.

Finally, for freebies we have G5 Entertainment’s latest time management/social game, Brave Tribe and a neat looking tool from the folks at BitTorrent, Inc. called BitTorrent Sync, which lets you “share files with family and friends, share files between mobile devices, and backup your phone and tablets”.

imageiOS newcomers (and awesomely named) Zombiesaurus Games launches an entertaining looking, retro-inspired, cartoony shoot-em up called Soul Grinder, while iOS veterans 10tons Ltd launch their puzzle game sequel, Joining Hands 2.

Bulkypix publishes a level-based, logic puzzle game, Link The Slug in which players must destroy nasty invading slugs by matching and zapping them with lightning.

Don’t Fall in the Hole is a competitive, turn-based strategy board game for the iPad in which players attempt to knock each other out using a variety of power-ups and map characteristics. This looks like a lot of fun!

imageAge of Thrones is a rich-looking open world (no fixed tower points) medieval-fantasy themed tower defense title.

Like they did with the original Dark Nebula, Free Lunch Design has launched a new universal release of Dark Nebula HD – Episode Two complete with upgraded graphics and iPad support.

And that brings us to the final (and most expensive) two featured new releases, Junk Jack X and Terraria, both of which are sandbox adventure/crafting games.

Hope you found something you like among these selections.

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