tinytycoons-screenshot-5Today The Tap Lab has just released a big new update to its global real-world social career and property game Tiny Tycoons, adding thousands of properties, careers and customizations.

Tiny Tycoons is a real-world mobile game that connects people and places in a virtual reality—players build their fortunes by buying their favorite properties, building them up, and flipping them for a profit. The game allows players to buy nearby places they know and love or travel the globe to any location they can imagine.

tinytycoons-screenshot-2I’ve been playing Tiny Tycoons since it first launched, the day before PAX East earlier this year. Over the past five months, the game has receive some nice UI and content tweaks, and it is obvious that the studio is still very excited and has big plans for the game going forward starting with this, the first in a series of content updates that will “breathe more life into the game”.

This v2.0 update is the first in a series of content updates that will breathe more life into the game…

A look at what’s new:

A brand new inventory system unlocks career bonuses and essential rewards as players climb the career ladder to become a CEO, Mixologist, or Celebrity Chef. In the coming updates, players will be able to deck out their Tycoons in a variety of outfits including Robots, Knights, and Superheroes.

Following the update, The Tap Lab will be releasing the first in a series of new property categories with Restaurant Week, which launches on August 24th. Restaurant Week will unveil dozens of customizations for players, with unique decorations for categories spanning from Mexican Restaurants to Pizza Joints.

Guiding players on their journey through Tiny Tycoons is a brand new cast of characters. The update will also introduce improved core gameplay, new goals, quests and achievements, and even the occasional treasure chest hidden in secret locations around the world.

It is impressive to see that, to date, players from across the globe have completed over 5 million jobs in the world of Tiny Tycoons!

Here are a few more fun TT facts I was able to get from the folks at The Tap Lab:

  • Paris and NYC are the most popular locations to travel to, but the vast majority of our players play in their current location and engage with the world around them in real life
  • Our top players have a property value of over 20 million coins each
  • Players own properties in 131 countries around the world
  • Restaurant jobs are the most popular career track
  • Over a trillion coins worth of in-game currency has been invested in properties around the globe

If you haven’t checked out the game yet, now is the perfect time to jump in and it is completely free to play.

Download your copy of Tiny Tycoons or update your app now, to get this new content: