GC35538_Product_PowerDock5_01If your home is anything like mine, then you probably have more iOS devices than available wall outlets and are constantly having to do the power cord shuffle to keep them all fueled up.

Have no fear, Griffin is here with the PowerDock 5, a central charging solution for multi-iOS device families or offices which can simultaneously charge up to 5 full iPads (in their cases), all from a single power outlet.

This space-saving charging station can fit atop any countertop or desktop and its footprint only takes up about the same space as an iPad since it holds the charging devices on their sides. Each of the PowerDock 5’s five USB ports carries a full 10 Watts (5 volts DC @ 2.1 amps) so there will be no trickle charging, each device will get the proper amount of power.

The PowerDock 5 holds each device securely in place via a clear backrest meaning that any Apple iOS or Apple music playing device should be able to be charged with this unit.

powerdock5-2It is worth noting that you must to supply your own USB-to-device cables, but odds are you probably have a number of those lying around anyways (after all, each of your devices should have come with one).

The PowerDock 5 is available for order right now on Griffin’s Website for $99.99 w/ free Economy Post shipping in the US.