AngryBirds_StarWars2_Keyart_Tentative_05_1024x576Earlier today, Rovio made their anticipated big ‘Angry Birds’ announcement, revealing that this September they will be releasing Angry Birds Star Wars II.

The title will follow the same physics-based platforming as its predecessors in the franchise, however this newest fowl flinging adventure will cover Episodes I through III of the Star Wars movie franchise. he original Angry Birds Star Wars (which is currently Apple’s Free App of The Week) was based on the events and characters from the original Star Wars trilogy, Episodes IV – VI (or what’s more commonly referred to as “the good ones”).

Angry Birds Star Wars II will introduce new characters (see the silhouette image in the gallery below for hints), new abilities and an all-new physical toy component known as TELEPODS. Much like the Skylanders’ Portal, you’ll be able to buy physical character toys and when they are placed on your device’s screen, these characters will be transported into the game as your arsenal of birds, allowing you to pick your own team of feathered ammunition.

The game will be released on September 19th (hopefully as a universal app), but for now, enjoy trailer and see the TELEPODS in action.

Download the original Angry Birds Star Wars for FREE: