limbo-game_656951157_ipad_01This is an odd week for new releases since tomorrow is the July 4th holiday here in the United States.

As a result, a number of developers and publishers have either chosen to release next week instead or pushed their new releases ahead a few hours and we are already seeing a number of titles which would have been Thursday new releases available on the App Store now!

So while some of these titles you will still have to wait a couple more hours to get, the vast majority can be downloaded right now!

Inspired by the Disney’s newly released, Summer blockbuster The Lone Ranger, our first free-to-play title of the night is The Lone Ranger by Disney, a 3D adventure game which tasks players with protecting the town of western town of Colby from outlaws and bandits and bringing them to justice…Old West style. It looks like there are plenty of weapons and horses to satisfy any cowboy or cowgirl.

the-lone-ranger-by-disney_623984595_ipad_01Keeping the adrenaline pumping, we have Stuntman Eddie: The Ever Ready Daredevil, which as you may have guessed, is a stunt bike game in which you must try to pull off mid-air tricks and flips and more for points and bragging rights, just don’t forget that what goes up, must come down…try to do it on two wheels and not your face.

DeNA and Hasbro team up to bring you G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND another of Mobage’s free-to-play action battle card games. This time set in the original G.I. JOE universe, with over 100 characters from Real American Hero to G.I. JOE: Renegades “and every series in between”. Choose your side (Joe or Cobra), collect and train your soldiers to do battle. May the best man or snake win.

Describe in 8 Seconds_3Describe In 8 Seconds is an asynchronous, co-op word game in the style of Taboo or $100,000 Pyramid, where teammates have just 8 seconds worth of recorded audio to try to get their partner to guess a particular word. You are given a list of prohibited words which you cannot use in your audio description and play keeps going back and forth (via audio clips) with successful guesses being rewarded with coins, and a variety of achievements. Sounds like a fun new take on the genre, I’m looking forward to trying this one out.

The final freebie of the night is RokLienz: On Tour!, a cute looking music rhythm game for the iPad which stars a band of rocking Aliens who are trying to earn the title of ‘Best Band In The Universe’. Who doesn’t like a rock band made of aliens? This one will likely appeal to kids of all ages. 

sago-mini-bug-builder_657821775_ipad_01Speaking of kids…if you have little ones then you’ll definitely want to consider grabbing a copy of Sago Mini Bug Builder which lets your toddler “transform a simple shape into a colorful critter”. Sago Sago’s newest release lets kids interact with their critter creation by putting hats on it, feeding it a snack, washing it up and taking its photograph. I can hear the little giggles already.

Crescent Moon Games returns this week with Greedy Dwarf, a fast paced 3D platformer from developer SleeperCell. Using a simple two finger control system, you must guide your minecart through twisting and turning mine shafts as it races forward. Avoid hazards, jump over pits and try to grab every last piece of gold. The game is available at a launch price of 99¢ (reg $1.99) and there is no IAP.

limbo-game_656951157_ipad_02Finally, we come to the biggest new release of the day, LIMBO. After winning numerous awards and accolades for both the PC and console releases of this dark atmospheric puzzle platformer, developer Playdead brings this gorgeous, yet haunting experience to iOS gamers. LIMBO has been selected by Apple as their ‘Editor’s Choice’ this week and has already cracked into the top 5 and 10 paid iPad and iPhone game charts (respectively). This is no small feat considering the onslaught of holiday app sales hitting the store right now. This will be the must have app to beat this week.

That’s all I have for you tonight…did I miss anything?
Feel free to let me know in the comments section below and make sure you visit our July 4th App Sales Guide all weekend long so you don’t miss out on any bargains, it will be updated regularly.

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