agricola_interview_3After a couple of delays and resubmits to Apple for review,
Playdek is finally going to be releasing their highly anticipated iOS version of the popular turn-based farming board game Agricola.

They’ve just announced on their Facebook page that Apple has finally approved Agricola for release on the App Store (worldwide) this Thursday, June 13th for $6.99.

In the post, Playdek said, “We appreciate how excited everyone has been and we sincerely hope you enjoy playing”.

Here is the full list of specs for the release:

  • 4 Game play modes: Family Game; Basic Game; Solo Play; Solo Series
  • 1-5 players
  • Included AI opponents
  • Pass-and-play multiplayer (2-5 players)
  • Asynchronous or real-time online play (2-5 players)
  • Universal game application – buy once and play on all your devices
  • Game Center Achievements
  • Selectable Online game clocks
  • Rematch button for online and offline matches
  • “Next Game” button takes you to your next asynchronous online game
  • Matchmaking
  • Player Ratings
  • Multiple Player Profiles (for households)
  • Select your Family Token art for your profile
  • Game tutorials for interface, game play and strategy
  • Rule Book and Card Gallery to review game text and effects
  • Options for Music and SFX, game speed and animation speed, and confirmation pop-ups
  • Game overview, turn log and game event calendar to support asynchronous play
  • Retina support
  • iPhone / iPod 5 screen support
  • Localizations: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese

The I and K decks will be coming this Fall for an introductory price of $.99 each.