wwdc13-about-mainAll of the waiting and speculation will finally be over in just a couple of hours when WWDC keynote kicks off at 1pm EST.

While we don’t expect to see any new iOS hardware at today’s event (those will likely be in the Fall), iOS 7 will be taking center stage as we finally get to see WWJD (What Would Jony Do). Apple’s design guru, Jony Ives shows off his all-new flat design for the OS. Since its unveiling in 2007, iOS has remained fairly static with not much more than the annual updates adding a few new features. Now it is finally time for a complete overhaul.

On last week’s podcast, I gave some of my predictions of what this would mean to both users and developers alike and now we finally get the big reveal.

Also during the event we can expect to see some new Macbook models and perhaps some discussion of the next Apple TV (supporting third-party apps) and maybe even Apple’s rumored iWatch. Apple will be streaming the keynote to the public via the new WWDC app on your (2nd or 3rd gen) Apple TV and a recent press release also indicates that you’ll be able to view the stream at www.apple.com using the Safari browser on anyn iOS device running version v4.2 or later or via Safari 4 or later on Mac running OS X® v10.6 or later.

The live webcast will begin today at 1pm EST (10am PDT).

Unfortunately this means Apple’s keynote will directly conflict with Microsoft’s E3 press conference, so you’ll probably need to do some multitasking to catch all of today’s great tech news.