650x650ForFreeFirst published in 2010 by Chillingo, The Jim and Frank Mysteries is a great adventure/puzzle game follows the misadventures of two friends: Jim and Frank, whom you must help in their quest to uncover the mystery behind the Blood River Files.

Players must interact with the locals and gather clues by solving a series of puzzles which span all sorts of genres, from logic puzzles, to math problems, to sliding puzzles, and more.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the games’ character and game play, I fully expected that this would become a prolific and successful franchise spawning many sequels, but all we ever got was the one game. It seems that the developer (99Games) has fulfilled their publishing contract with Chillingo and now they’ve decided to re-launch the game as a self-published title “with more vibrant graphics and other enhancements”.

To celebrate the launch (and do something nice for those who previously purchased the game), the folks at 99Games have made The Jim and Frank Mysteries FREE for the first two days of launch. So if you already purchased the Chillingo-published versions of the game, then you’ll want to download these versions NOW, because the old versions of the app will no longer be updated going forward. If you haven’t bought Jim & Frank, then now’s your chance to get this fun game FOR FREE!

Hopefully these apps are a sign that new Jim & Frank adventures in Tinyville are on the way.

Download your free copy of The Jim & Frank Mysteries: