After cancelling their Small World Kickstarter back in January, last week Days of Wonder finally launched their revamped campaign with a focus on funding an Android tablets and Steam PC version of Small World 2.

The campaign reached over 2/3rd of its $ 150,000 goal within the first 24 hours and now with 24 days left it is up to 96% funded w/ just over $5,000 to go.

It sounds like Small World 2 will be a free update for current iOS app owners, but there are still some nice rewards at the lower price levels that should appeal to iOS players and entice them to back the campaign. I should not there are also some REALLY nice rewards at the higher levels that will appeal to fans of the game in general.

small-world-2-kickstarter_06If you already own the Small World for iPad App, then the Tritons level may appeal to you. For just an $8 pledge (or more) you “unlock the Kickstarter backer digital bonus pack, a set of 3 new races & 3 new powers developed by Philippe Keyaerts specially for Small World 2, + access to our discussion forum, with the Tritons forum badge“.

small-world-2-kickstarter_05Otherwise if you don’t already own the iOS app or would just like to own it on the Android or Steam platforms as well, you can go for the Skeletons level.
Pledge $15 or more and you’ll get “a digital download of Small World 2 on one platform of your choice (Android tablet, Kindle Fire, Steam-running PC or iPad) + the Kickstarter backer digital bonus pack + access to our Private Forum, with the Skeletons forum badge“. The nice thing about this level is that, “if you already own Small World iPad, and are interested in getting a copy of the game on another platform, no problem – Go ahead and pledge for this new platform, and your Bonus pack will automatically appear and be playable on all platforms you own Small World 2 on”.

Both of these rewards list and estimated delivery date of October 2013, but it is doesn’t specifically say that this will be Small World 2’s launch date. If so, I assume you’d gain access to the discussion forum prior to that.

As an existing owner of the iOS app myself, I will most likely be backing this campaign at the Tritons ($8 level), but I wanted to be sure that the reward content wouldn’t just be offered to everyone as an IAP at a later date. Fortunately Days of Wonder’s Eric Hautemont quickly replied back assuring me that:

The KS Backers digital Bonus Pack won’t be available for sale outside of this campaign.

We might be required to offer this pack in some other way on some of the app stores once we ship, because of some of these app stores vendors regulations, but if we do so, the way to unlock these bonus races will be stupidly hard and/or tedious (e.g. Win 1,000 games).

So if you want to get some cool exclusive content and help increase the player pool by playing a part in bringing the game to more platforms, then I highly suggest backing the campaign and helping to push it over it’s $150,000 goal.