super-stickman-golf-2_585259203_ipad_02Tonight sees the release of a couple of titles that I’ve been eagerly anticipating since last (at least) last year, Super Stickman Golf 2 and Ridiculous Fishing.

With their third title in the Stickman Golf Series (I know it says ‘2’, but their was a game just called ‘Stickman Golf’ as well) Noodlecake has scored a hole in one. They have updated every single aspect of the game and they are only charging 99¢ for the game!!! New courses, hat power ups, asynchronous multiplayer, real-time multiplayer w/ up to 8 (local golfers), 4 online. This game is absolutely FANTASTIC and not to be missed.

Vlambeer returns to the App Store w/ their official Ridiculous Fishing game for iOS. The game will be $2.99, but completely devoid of any IAPs and a real hoot to play. Well worth the wait…accept no substitutes. This game is brimming with character and pixely goodness. Fish, shoot and discover new species as you attempt to unlock the endless mode where you can compete with your friends on the Game Center leaderboards. This is a definite ‘must buy’ for tonight as well.

Now that you’ve already spent some money on the App Store, let’s take a peak as some of the more promising freebies hitting the App Store tonight.

danger-boat_590578748_ipad_01First is an endless motorboater (if that’s a genre) called Danger Boat which comes to us from The guys that created Disc Drivin’, Pixelocity Software. It is a fun high scoring game where you tilt to control your motor while it races across the choppy ocean as you try to collect coins, and avoid rocks, icebergs, missiles, mine-dropping subs, whirlpools and more. There are challenges that you can accomplish to earn a persistent multiplier as well as unlock additional boats. Its got a little bit of a retro, Magnum PI feel to it, a fun time killer.

10tons Ltd brings more exploding tennis ball launching action with Clowns in the Face their free to play, ad-supported spin-off game of Tennis in the Face. It’s not really my thing, but there seems to be a lot of people interested in these slot machine apps, and Slots Showdown comes by way of Activision and offers single player and real-time multiplayer gameplay, which I hadn’t seen on one of these games before.

While on the subject of free apps, it is also worth mentioning that Bulkypix is releasing free trial versions of both Hollywood Monsters and Yesterday so if you haven’t played either of these titles they are worth checking out, especially Yesterday.

At the 99¢ price level we have a number of interesting games which I have not had the opportunity to play yet, but look worthy of digging into.

Trinket Studios (who just released their first game Color Sheep last month) are already back with , a relaxed star creation puzzle game that is one of the featured games in the PAX East Indie Showcase next weekend.

nightsky_577710084_ipad_05The award-winning physics-based puzzle platformer game NightSky™ makes its way to iOS with its silhouetted art style and wipe controls tuned for iOS. It will be on sale for 99¢ for launch day only, then it goes up to its full price of $4.99.

Another port, Gameplay Squad’s physics puzzle game Rolling Hero makes its way to iOS via Chillingo. Eightythree Technology is branching out to games with their particle filled geometric space fighter, Field Fighter.

The last of the 99¢ titles features everyone’s favorite (or perhaps least favorite) red Sesame Street Muppet, Elmo. Available in separate iPhone and iPad releases, Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street is an object finding game featuring Elmo and other Sesame Street favorites in which your child must find a total of 90 different hidden “find’ems” with silly sounds spread across 6 different scenes. This app is actually already available and currently on sale for launch for just 99¢ for either release, so if it interests you, pick it up now.

For $1.99 you can pick up a cute looking vampire themed endless runner called Le Vamp in which you must guide and protect our adorable hero as he runs through the forest, flicking him food and blocking him from the deadly rays of the sun.

stargate-sg-1-unleashed-ep-1_608911836_ipad_02Finally rounding out the new releases this week is one for all those Stargate SG-1 fans out there. Stargate SG-1: Unleashed is a new episodic adventure game series featuring content written by Stargate novelist, Sally Malcolm and the voice work of the original Stargate SG-1 cast including MacGyver himself, Richard Dean Anderson!

There are some trailers for many of these games on the second page of this post for those of you who are interested.

As always, let us know which of these games you’ll be picking up tonight when these (and more) new releases go live at 11pm EST.

Go to the second page of this post to watch the trailers for these games.