ridiculous_fishing_01Accept no imitations, the one and only long-awaited sequel to Vlambeer’s 2010 original Radical Fishing, will be released for iPhones and iPads next Thursday, March 14th.

Fish, guns, chainsaws and hairdryers….you’ve never been fishing like this before.

Players take on the role of fisherman Billy, “slinging fish up into the air and dispatching them using a wide range of weaponry and items”. Obliterate your airborne catch of the day with dual miniguns, chainsaws, bowling balls and more.

Brimming with originality, Vlambeer (Super Crate Box) has chosen to make today’s announcement via an infinitely looping six-second Vine trailer which you see below.

“We tried to make something unique and fun instead of just a port of the original with new graphics and some quick gameplay changes to fit touch devices”, said Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail, “We had to start from scratch designing the game for iOS.”

ridiculous_fishing_03In case you are unfamiliar with their previous title, “Radical Fishing”, it was Vlambeer’s debut effort, a Flash game which captured a lot of attention and was the basis for creating Ridiculous Fishing. To help with development of Ridiculous Fishing the Vlambeer team reached out to well-known indie iOS developers Zach Gage (SpellTower) and Greg Wohlwend (Hundreds).

“This game might be one of the toughest projects we’ve ever worked on, but I’m glad we pushed through. We couldn’t be prouder of this game”, added designer Jan Willem Nijman. “Anyone we’ve shown it to has been extremely positive, so we really hope our fans will agree that it was worth the long wait.”

As a fan of Vlambeer’s (tough as nails) Super Crate Box, I’m pretty excited to start playing this one, how about you?

For more details and developments, check out the official Ridiculous Fishing website, ridiculousfishing.com.