City Tour Screenshot 5Tomorrow ZeptoLab will release the first content update for their puzzle game Pudding Monsters, in the form of a new level pack called City Tour.

City Tour will contain 25 new levels and is free for anyone who’s already purchased Pudding Monsters for either the iPhone or iPad, just update the app to gain access to these challenging new levels. The game currently consists of three 25-level packs, so the City Tour update adds 33% additional content to the game.

In City Tour, the Pudding Monsters embark on an adventure set against the backdrop of skyscrapers and city streets. The pudding will navigate through new obstacles like arrow tiles that quickly slide the monsters across the screen, and join with new magnetic monsters that emit a super-charged force field to attract monsters to one another. Players must strategize to solve the puzzles and build the Ultimate Mega Monster – all while collecting as many star as possible to “crown” each level.

The update also adds a few new features including the aforementioned new arrow tile and magnetic force field game mechanics as well as iCloud support to save game data across iOS devices and a few bug fixes for good measure.

If you already own Pudding Monsters, then you’ll want to update your app as soon as you receive the update notification. If not, then you can but a copy for 99¢ on either the iPhone or iPad.

For a sneak peek at City Tour, check out the trailer below:

Purchase your own copy of Pudding Monsters: